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The Bead Man's Catalog for 2008


The Genna DressThe Genna Dress

The "Genna"

The "Genna" dress is a unique one-piece dress design. Created for the July 2003 Bead Fest Fashion Show in Jamaica, the Genna combines elegant style with a lighthearted sense of fun.

The Genna is ever-so-slightly see-through, making it an ideal choice as a cover up over swim-wear, for wearing over a body suit for dancing, or even "au naturel" for the private beach or pool. Shown here in purple and gold. Price $125.00.Order!

The Gillian DressThe Gillian Dress

The "Gillian"

The "Gillian" dress is guaranteed to turn heads! The design takes an sleek, low backed dress with a fringed skirt and adds peek-a-boo heart motif cutouts for extra excitement. Shown here in black and silver. Price $325.00.Order!

The Nefertiti DressThe Nefertiti Dress

The "Nefertiti"

The "Nefertiti" is our flagship evening dress. It reveals dramatically, but conceals just enough to be worn in public - such as at an Academy Awards show!

The exciting design is opaque in the critical areas using our patent-pending interleaved weaving technique. Shown here in aqua, crystal, and mardi gras. Price $225.00.Order!

The Penny DressThe Penny Dress

The "Penny"

The "Penny" is our original one-piece dress. Introduced at the July 2002 Fashion Show in Jamaica, the Penny provides full, but slightly see-through coverage and has a unique interwoven neckline. Shown here in purple and blue. Price $225.00.Order!

The Tallulah Dress

The "Tallulah"

The "Tallulah" is an elegant form fitting evening dress. Providing just enough coverage with a diamond shaped back, this dress is ideal over a body stocking or by itself. Shown here in sea foam. Price $225.00.Order!

One Piece Outfits

The Faerie One Piece

The "Faerie"

The "Faerie" must be seen to be believed! The front plunges all the way, with a tiny thong back. Please specify in "Special Requests" if you prefer the open-crotch version.

See customer pictures at The Mistress Of The Beads Faerie Pics. Shown here in red, gold and silver. Price $175.00.Order!

Two Piece Outfits

The Inga Two Piece

The "Inga"

The "Inga" is our first two piece outfit - worn by itself or over a body stocking, it is ideal for a night out dancing, a private party, or a romantic evening at home!

The design has a cheeky peek-a-boo look front and back. Shown here in silver. Price $100.00.Order!

The Marti Two PieceThe Marti Two Piece

The "Marti"

The "Marti" is a classic halter top and short skirt, with open panels at the cleavage and skirt band. Just the thing to get yourself noticed when you're dancing the night away!

See customer pictures at The Mistress Of The Beads Marti Pics. Shown here in Mardi Gras colors. Price $100.00.Order!


The Angelica Bikini

The "Angelica"

The "Angelica" combines a woven material design with decorative tassels to combine style with fun!

Backless apart for the waistband and bra strap, the Angelica lets you exude casual elegance - or shake those tassels to show your devilish side! Shown here in cool mint and white. Price $70.00.Order!

The Cleopatra Bikini

The "Cleopatra"

Evoking the Ancient Mysteries of the Nile, our "Cleopatra" design features hoops across the bust and a thong bottom.

The Cleopatra is equally at home in the Sands of the Desert (or your favorite beach) and as over a body stocking for dancing the night away! Shown here in silver. Price $70.00.Order!

The Diane Bikini

The "Diane"

The "Diane" is a tiny, sexy backless bikini, providing minimal coverage for the nude beach or private pool party. Worn over a body suit at the dance club, it is sure to cause a sensation! Shown here in Sea Foam. Price $70.00.Order!

The Jennifer BikiniThe Jennifer Bikini

The "Jennifer"

Our "Jennifer" bikini is our most popular bikini.

From a distance, it provides full front and rear coverage, but a closer inspection will reveal its true nature. Worn by itself, or over a body suit, the Jennifer will fit in anywhere. Shown here in red. Price $70.00.Order!

The Maria Bikini

The "Maria"

The "Maria" is almost completely backless - just tiny straps at the neck, back and waist!

With minimal covering at the top, and an attractive criss-cross bottom, this design is not for the faint of heart! Shown here in silver and purple faceted beads. Price $70.00.Order!

The Marie Bikini

The "Marie"

The "Marie" bikini is pure fun! It complements all body types, and definitely leaves an impression!

The exciting open-top design has a fringe of beads framing the breasts and an attractive design forming front and back of the bikini bottom.

Shown here in copper. Price $70.00.Order!

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