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October 2003 Newsletter

Welcome to the October Edition of the Bead Man Newsletter!

In this issue:
  • Second Annual Bead Fest and Fashion Show at SuperClubs Resorts in Jamaica.
  • Web Site Changes.
  • Coming Soon - Halloween!
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Bead Fest and Fashion Show

Grand Lido Resort Braco, 2003

Gentle Charm Marie in the 'Genna' Colleen

We have a long list of people to thank for making the Bead Man's visit to Braco, Jamaica such a great success.

Top of the list has to be Marie, who is not only a beautiful model for our lovely costumes, but also has a magnetic personality which really draws people to her. Besides doing an excellent job modeling, she took on the challenge to arrange the fashion show. She drew in people to model, even including staff such as Entertainment Coordinator Stephan (above) wearing his own bead loin cloth, and rounded up a bevy of beautiful ladies to participate. It was great fun and everyone looked fantastic.

The Bead Man would also like to thank Randy O'Connor (Hotel Manager of Grand Lido Braco) for meeting with us to discuss ideas for future association between the Bead Man and GLB, and also Janet Vaz who has "The Village Store", a gift shop and boutique at Braco and two other resorts, where she sells some stunning clothing. Both took time out of their busy schedules to meet with us, for which we offer our thanks.

Visit our web site to see more pictures of our models and volunteers from the guests and staff presenting a selection of our favorite designs as well as new ones.


Web Site Changes.
We have added several new designs, many of them previewed at the Bead Fest.
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Coming Soon... Halloween!

Many of our customers already wear our regular Bead Man Costumes for their adult Halloween parties, and we have been asked to produce some custom designs for them. Wanting to spread the fun, we are adding some of the favorite costumes to our standard line.

On the left you can see our "Ariane" costume with a spiderweb inspired top and headdress, with drawstring pants which are black with a metallic red spiderweb design. The spiders are included!

We have a variety of Halloween themed bead top designs, together with coordinating pants and skirts in a selection of Halloween fabrics in metallic silver, gold, blue or red on black, as well as black spiderweb on sheer black and "Spiderman" red and blue.

We also have cobweb bead bottom designs, which can be worn either by themselves, if you dare, or wear over a black bodystocking for maximum contrast. Please email us to discuss your Halloween party needs.

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