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June 2003 Newsletter
Welcome to the June Edition of the Bead Man Newsletter!
In this Issue:
  • Second Annual Bead Man Fashion Show at SuperClubs Resorts in Jamaica.
  • Web Site Changes.
  • Coming Soon.
In the next issue:
  • Pictures from Jamaica!
Second Annual Bead Man Fashion Show at SuperClubs Resorts in Jamaica.
Bead Man Fashions will be on display at both Hedonism III and Grand Lido Braco in Jamaica at the end of June and early July.
Will and Beth will be hosting at Hedonism III from June 28 until July 3rd, and they will be joining the Bead Man and Bead Lady at the Grand Lido Braco to celebrate American Independence on July 4th for a week.
Everyone (male and female) modeling Bead Man costumes on camera (masks allowed!) during the Jamaica "fortnight" will get a free costume. Special models will get costumes designed for - and named after - them. Watch for pictures!
For more information, contact:
  • SuperClubs - Official SuperClubs Site,
  • Click here for Hedonism III Home - Hedonism III - Pure Pleasure
  • Gentle Charm - Grand Lido Braco - Pure Luxury.- Bead Friendly!
Web Site Changes.
We have added a Catalog page, improved our secure order system, as well as adding several new designs.
We are working on our mens product line - more to be "revealed" in Jamaica and are even expanding outside the human race - Old Glory - especially for animal lovers.
Coming Soon.
Watch the Bead Man Website for pictures of Bead Man Costumes in Jamaica, as well as all our new designs.
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