Bead Man Designs for Mardi Gras

While Beads have been a favorite for Mardi Gras for many years, only a Bead Man custom design goes past the basic concept of a necklace.

Here are some of our designs in Mardi Gras colors. Most of these designs are in our catalog, but some are variations on the "standard" outfits. As we make every costume to order, most design adaptions are at no extra charge. Just email us if you would like to discuss a unique design.

Mardi_Angie Mardi_Angie2 Mardi_Choker Mardi_Diane Mardi_JoAnne_Diane Mardi_JoAnneL Mardi_JoAnneS Mardi_Vanessa2 Mardi_Vanessa3 Mardi_hair