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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your shipping rates?

We charge a flat fee of $6.95.

We ship by USPS Priority Mail within the USA, and by Airmail letter rate abroad. See our Policy page for details.

How can I clean my bead costume?

We recommend hand washing in soapy water only.

Do not dry clean - the solvents may damage the beads. Do not attempt to clean in the dish washer - it will strip the color from the beads!

How can I join the Bead Man mailing list?

Just fill in your e-mail address and name on the right and click "Submit".

How can I leave the Bead Man mailing list?

Every email contains a link to allow you to remove yourself from the mailing list. You will receive no further newsletters at your address unless your request "crosses in the mail" with your last newsletter.

When I sign up for the Newsletter, how secure is my email address?

We will never sell, "rent out" or give away your email address.
We will only reveal your email address to third parties under court order.

We double check your email address to prevent someone else adding you to our newsletter list.
We do this by either:

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